Xantos British Longhair

Our great chocolate stud
Machos British Longhair y Shorthair en Sevilla | Perlas del Sur


Birth: 24/09/2019

Xantos came to us when we were in the middle of our search for a chocolate longhair kitten from the best catteries, and the moment this wonderful chocolate bonbon crossed our path, we instantly fell in love with him.

His chocolate coat and his extreme softness make you want to be near him all day long, and it’s not difficult! Xantos’ greatest quality is his character: he gets attached to you from the very first moment and is always purring at any touch.

  • Colour: Chocolate. BLH b
  • Father: Iristyle Danila. BSH b
  • Mother: Art-Brit’s Stefaniya. BSH h
  • Blood type: A/B
  • PKD: Negative. 01-03-2021
  • HCM: Negative. 01-03-2021

Meet Xantos

Playful, friendly, cuddly and affectionate? This is one of the dads of our cat family!

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