Zeru British Shorthair

Our lovely lillac bicolour stud
Machos British Longhair y Shorthair en Sevilla | Perlas del Sur


Birth: 15/09/2021

A long and exhaustive search among the best European catteries allowed us to find Zeru, and when he crossed our way, we instantly fell in love with him. 

His build and rounded shape show the greatness of this breed. Zeru’s greatest strengths are his affectionate and cuddly behaviour and his quiet nature. His purring is one of his greatest talents to attract you.

  • Colour: Bicolour Lillac. BSH c 03
  • Father: Lisandro Vom Osterdeich. BSH b 02 63
  • Mother: Keti Briraspberry. BSH h 03
  • Blood type: A/B
  • PKD: Negative. 13-02-2023
  • HCM (echocardiography): Negative. 17-01-2023

Meet Zeru

Playful, friendly, cuddly and affectionate… This is one of the dads of our cat family!

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